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Our Current Programme

Ireland's work plan for data collection in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors runs from 2017-2019, the work programme includes:

  • a comprehensive research vessel survey programme, as well as the collection of biological data, these surveys facilitate the increased data collection on fishing pressure, state of ecosystems and impact of fisheries on sensitive habitats,
  • port and market sampling of landings,
  • sampling programmes on small scale coastal fisheries,
  • sea sampling on commercial vessels  to meet the newly emerging demands of the reformed CFP in particular in relation to the landings obligation and mixed fisheries management plans, 
  • age profile of the fisheries resource,
  • analyses of EU logbook and vessel monitoring systems data,
  • extensive collection and analyses of economic data relating to the aquaculture and fish and shellfish processing industries,
  • anadromous and catadromous species data collection in fresh water.

These data are the raw material used to assess the resource and develop scientific advice.